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April 24, 2009

Would you help me give Rod a leg up.

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Please join me in giving Roderick a leg up?

Rod and Nancy are neighbours of mine on the Mimico – New Toronto – Long Branch Lakeshore and a delightful couple.

Rod is extremely computer savyy, eagerly shares his extensive knowledge and has been of valuable assistance to me, several times.   Now it’s my turn to reciprocate.

Within hours of penciling in the idea of WordPress and Twitter, for him;   He picked up the gauntlet and now has both his Blog and Twitter up.

Rod would have had his Twitter account opened too except his Guide Dog (Lassiter). isn’t quite up to speed with interpreting graphic text which are required for Twitter subscriptions.

Would you do me a favour and give this hard working lad a leg up by following him on Twitter and adding a comment to his Blog

As soon as I have his username and password; I’ll be tossing in some decent graphics and text which more closely reflects his capabilities and professionalism.

Http://spiriteye.wordpress.com     Http://Twitter.com/Spiriteye

Thanks in advance.

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