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April 14, 2009

Let’s help each other to slay the Twitter “Following 2,000 dragon.”

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Let’s help each other slay the following 2,000 dragon.

As you’re probably aware ….. Twitter has a mystical formula which only permits us to follow 2,000 and when we discover someone we would like to follow after we have reached this limit. …. This rule won’t let us.

Its seems that this cap may be removed when we have substantial followers and I’d like my cap removed.

If you feel comfortable with my posts please Tweet the following …..

@Teddytowncrier needs help meeting his targets.    I’m giving him a leg up by following him…. Will you?

If you’re at your 2,000 limit. …. http://mytweeple.com/ Lets you remove non-followers and reclaim some room.

If you need more followers ….. Put your request in the comments box below and I’ll be glad to give you a leg up.


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