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April 5, 2009

Grant writing seminar in N. California

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Hi folks …

Lamar Morgan is continually stoking our fire from keeping one eye over the horizon and his nose aroud the corner.    He continually shovels his discoveries to us and too frequently makes our hair ache from trying to figure out how to make his latest discovery work for us .

Now it’s our turn to give him a leg up and show him how much his selfless thoughtfulness is appreciated.

Your ReTweet of the suggested copy in the paragraph below would be appreciated. (Copy and paste in Twitter)

RT @Teddytowncrier. ATTN N. Calif. @lamarjmorgan has a no cost grant writing seminar on April 15 http://budurl.com/vpwm RT Appreciated.

Here’s the enchilada http://budurl.com/vpwm

…. and would it kill ya to comment?


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