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March 23, 2009

Going on job interviews but don’t have a wardrobe? …. Here’s your Sir Galahad of fashion.

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Times are changing. …. Many folks are now finding it necessary to seek a new job or re-enter the work force but are stuck because they don’t have an outfit that will make a great first impression.

Fear not dear hearts …. Sir Galahad is at hand with completely no cost, appropriate, “Knock ’em dead” outfits for your interviews.

I’d been assisting a client with her personal packaging for re-entry into the work-force (Mainly an On-Line showcase for her C.V.). and discovered a major challenge that we also had to address was her wardrobe for interviews and ongoing work performance.

I’d heard of a women’s support group who provided wardrobes for re-emerging women but unfortunately it had suspended operations and then I discovered Toronto’s ‘Dress Your Best’ who serve Men, Women and Children.

Toronto’s Dress Your Best changes the lives of Canadians by outfitting women, men and youth with clothing for employment. DYB gives each client an average of 5 outfits – 20 to 30 articles of clothing – including shoes and various accessories. The clothes and accessories are meant to provide the client with a complete quality wardrobe for interviews and ongoing employment. Our professional trained Image Consultants offer a one-on-one service, in which they work together to choose attire that will best fit the client’s needs and individual style.

Toronto’s Dress Your Best served over 1,000 clients in 2008 and have boutiques for Men, women and children.

Here’s where you can get more information to help smooth the road on your new journey.  http://Dressyourbest.ca  Or: Contact Sandra Vey at L.A.M.P  416-252-6471 Extension 239

For wardrobe assistance in cities other than Toronto, ON, Canada. Try http://dressforsuccess.org

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