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March 12, 2009

Is “Work” a Magical word that makes people disappear?

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In another forum a poster had asked “Is ‘Work’ a Magical word that makes people disappear?”

“When a man is passionate about his project. …. Making it happen isn’t work; It’s a joy and he’ll never work a day in his life!”

So then our initial objective must be surround ourselves with winners with a similar mind set and avoid the whiners like the plague.

Another poster had alluded to “Recession” even though 93% of N. America’s work force is employed and in my book that’s a heathy percentage of employment.

I’ll acknowledge that there may be some discomfort in parts of the country. …. The winners will re-establish their priorities and plot a course to meet their new objectives. … The whiners will continue to live their lives by default and to someone else’s dictates.

I’m in N. America and our great countries came from zero to greatness in under 200 years using vision. initiative, courage, commitment and the necessary effort to get them to their objectives. ….

In my case I have a marketplace in excess of 300 million; India’s is even bigger with a middle class bigger than that of the USA & Canada combined. …. The only question is. … What do they need & how can we supply it?

When we think it’s tough going. … Sometimes our blessings arrive in strange packaging.   more

FWIW my magic word is “Opportunity!”

Where do you see opportunity is today’s changing environment?


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