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February 27, 2009

What is your mailing list really worth?

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What is your mailing list really worth?

A well cared for customer list can easily be worth more than the underlying business since it can be selectively rented many times over.

The mailing list industry is huge and many promotions are launched with the sole objective of collecting names. … You’ve probably noticed advertisements and wondered what they’re offering. It’s because the collected names will be sold or rented over and over again

Should you choose to rent your list and put your own stamp on promotions ….. Response is frequently double than if simply rented out.

A few years ago; A beloved 150 year old Canadian retailer hit the wall and all assets were liquidated. … While many of the assets were sold for pennies on the dollar; … Their mailing list realized 103% of appraised value.

Of course the value of this asset is frequently determined by the profitability of the product. …. Wouldn’t a list of established buyers of Caterpillar Tractors or Feadship Yachts be worth substantially more than $10 per name?

The value of your mailing list is frequently determined by how it has been nurtured and utilized and how responsive it is. …. Always provide something of value or interest when you mail subscribers.   Don’t overbombard your list and you’ll find your subscribers will stay with you and be more responsive.

Want to know how to massage your mailing list?   Study what Nordstrom, Columbia House and Readers Digest send you.

At the other end of the hyper, glossy promotions spectrum is Whole Foods Market, Inc. (Twitter @Wholefoods) with 144,185 on their Twitter list and schmoozes their customers with 140 word text ads.   Who knows what that list is worth. … Even $10 is a handsome pay day but they would be foolish to sell it when this specialized list can be rented out over and over again.

Is it worth the effort to build a responsive mailing list? …. Take a look at whole Foods Inc and then start looking for a repeat product.

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