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January 23, 2009

Are you absolutely sure that you’re really connecting with your market?

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Jamie at http://jamieholt.org sent me this ….. Thanks, Jamie.

Hey Peeps..

Just a quick heads up on a WSO I have running, before I get into today’s message you can find the WSO here:

Instant Commission Affiliate Program Compilation

Now.. with that out the way…

I want to talk a little about connecting with your niche.. I posted about it on the blog a couple of days back but I wanted to add it to you peeps here too..

When I talk about “connecting” with your target market, I really mean connecting. You need to get involved with your niche. Niche forums, message boards, in your local community, read books, magazines, leaflets etc. Anything you can do to associate more with those people in your target market will allow you to connect with them deeply when it comes to promotion.

You don’t need to BEcome one of your target market, but what you should do is associate VERY closely with what and how they are and learn what makes them tick. Their habits, language and all relevant slang and words, attitude.

This all helps.

Your connection being made in pre-selling is one that will carry them through onto the sales page of whatever product you are promoting. Let your readers/prospects know that you are on the same level as they are.

[Ted commentSee “Are 27 contacts really necessary to make the sale?” in Towncrier’s Reports Archive]

In your marketing on a daily basis, you should aim for the outer edges of a market demographic.. don’t try to appeal to a whole market place(you’ll never please everyone), but instead, connect with a niche section of that market place on a deeper level.

They are the fanatical ones, “the geeks”, and I don’t just use the term “geeks” in relation to gadgets or computers. “Geeks” are the fanatical peeps who have a crazy urge to grab anything that is tailored for them.

For years and years now, mass marketing has been targeted to the injection of ads, mail, e-mail, postcards and banners in the face of a whole market place, when really, for us, the money rolls in from smaller niche sections. You connect with a niche section of a marketplace and you really put yourself in a good situation.

[Ted commentFor many years my company functioned as a subcontractor to subcontractors in the construction industry.    We were under the radar to our established and politically connected competitors.   We were committed, passionate and proud.    One day we awakened to discover that we were the leading supplier in our industry and everyone from boss to sweeper continued to prosper..]

There is so much noise in the media and marketing arena in general that the average consumer (Joe Bloggs) has no option but to ignore everything that they don’t have a solid interest in. If your downtown World Of Warcraft gamer is interrupted by an advert for womens Gucci shoes, he’s going to be annoyed, not interested.

Do you see what I mean?.. anything other than an offer that is highly targeted to your prospects interests is an interruption in their time.

So DON’T do it. Show your [insert niche prospect here] exactly what they want and nothing else. Connect with them on a deeper level than an occasional flash of your message, feel with them, associate with them, breathe with them…

Time is so precious that we just can’t waste it reading stuff or being sold on stuff that has no benefit for us, and that goes for everyone.. your prospects, my prospects.. and those of major corporations…
Think about it.

I’m glad we connected today… have fun, mail me, I’m really stacked right now with my products in the works so I am probably not the most responsive dude.. But I do care.



p.s. Have a great, fun filled day.. it’s a historic day with Obama’s thingy… enjoy.. 😉

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Ted Comment …. If you were accused of being in the [Insert you business category here]. …. Would there be enough evidence to convict you? … See “Are 27 contacts really necessary to make the sale” in Towncrier’s reports series.


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