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January 20, 2009

Pros and Cons of requiring site visitors to complete a form.

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In another forum there’s a lively debate on the foolishness of requiring visitors, to our pages, to fill in a form in order to proceed into the site.

My preference is not dump visitors into the candy store and expect them to meander at will throughout Towncrier’s resources but rather to present a single exciting concept in a compelling manner and have them request more information.   Personalized automation then can be employed to start building a relationship.  Example Here

There is perhaps a well considered strategy for wanting to know who is poking around and request a bit of information.

It requires a significant investment to get a visitor to our page. ….. Do we want them to ‘steal’ all our goodies and evaporate;   Never to be seen again?

Realtors and Insurance Brokers frequently have stacks of very valuable information available and cheerfully give it away and hope that visitor will someday, return.  (Not a very good bet).

On the other hand; A local Realtor who is stuffing over a million dollars into his pocket annually, freely gives away his information but only after the visitor has identified themselves. … and of course his staff (Or personalized automation). make contact and commence a relationship. …. (He’s also paid handsome fees for lecturing on this strategy).

Another major Canadian financial house buys an hour of radio time, 52 weeks per year and uses his call-in show for only one objective … to get folks to fill in a couple of blanks on his page.

I too have an aversion to jumping through hoops but if the landing page clearly tells me that I’ll be well rewarded for filling in a couple of blanks …. I’ll do it.

So maybe when we encounter a form; Perhaps the advertizer is using a form as a filter to gather only serious prospects. …. Could this be his “Why”?

Your thoughts are welcomed in the comments box below. (URLs Permitted).


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