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January 5, 2009

Getting your share of the Government Bailout Pie.

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Getting your share of government bailouts doesn’t take a bank of attorneys when all that’s needed is to pick up the telephone and request the forms.

This list of Government purchases is endless and runs from bulk tea to bulldozers and everything in between and almost every citizen may be qualified to bid on government purchases.

Start by searching on line for “Bidding on government projects” and a magic Aladdin’s Cave of names, addresses and telephone numbers opens up for you.    Your job is to select those agencies,   (Local, state or Federal).   which appeal to you and may have a requirement for your services.

Many agencies have special programmes for special groups which often include minorities, handicapped and women owned businesses.

These requests for tenders are so prolific that agencies often receive few or even no replies to tender calls.   (Also called “Request for Proposal” or “RFP” ).    A call the tenders office later in the day after the tender has closed or next morning will tell you if you were the successful bidder and if not;   Who was?

Even if you didn’t bid on the project;   You can still capitalize on this proposed project by requesting a list of bidders and offer your services to the successful bidder as a subcontractor.

By making your name and scope of work, known to the tenders office;   They will frequently refer you when bidders don’t have a supplier handy for your specialty.

Here’s super resource that drills down a bit more into Uncle Sam’s paperwork requirements.  Click Here

After a few months of pursuing your selected agencies;   Don’t be surprised to find your telephone ringing as Companies intending to bid, seek subcontractors and you’ll be notified of upcoming tenders without even opening your mail.

Just obtain the bidders list as soon as the tender is called and read the documents to find out if your specialty is included in the scope of work and then call the prime bidders and give them your “Price”.

Make sure you confirm you “Price” in writing, to the successful bidder.

Functioning as a subcontractor may be less hassle and more profitable than working directly with a government agency since these companies are more sensitive to the needs of small companies and will frequently pay you quickly.   (Cash flow isn’t the main thing …. It’s the only thing).

There is room in the pipeline for the little guy.  Do your homework and get your share.


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