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December 18, 2008

Making lemonade from a casual forum comment.

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There’s always an opportunity to make lemonade with the hidden opportunities we’re given when life seems to be handing us lemons.

Recently I encountered a post in another forum and replied with a few insights of my own and the moderator soon jumped in and posted the URL of one of my products.  (Thanks Paul. I appreciate the mention).

I have a couple of movies with the same content and would have preferred the URL in my profile to be used.

Since the forum has close to 10,000 members there was a chance that the video would enjoy a few views so I needed to maximize the exposure by hot-linking to other ideas and resources from within the video.  A task which took me most of the day since a script and voice overview were necessary.

BOTTOM LINE …. I now have links to supplemental ideas and products from within the video Paul mentioned. …… This also necessitated that the linked to videos were polished up with working links and effective calls to action. …. It was quite an intense day’s work.

HERE”S AN EXAMPLE …. Let’s use Suzy’s Pet Store as an example of how this strategy could work for her..

Suzy promotes her On-Line video on “How to groom your kitty for peak health and more love.”

At appropriate places within the video are links to other products that Suzy sells.

a. Allergy free kitty litter.

b. Flea repelling kitty bed.

c. $5.00 Video … “How to train kitty to poo in her box”.

d. $5.00 Video …. “How to have kitty love the leash and want to go on walks”.

e. $5.00 ebook …. “Keep kitty in peak health with what’s already in your kitchen”

Get the idea?

Tecniques are developing that let us embed supplemental ideas and offers within our videos.   

When someone is viewing your video. …. That’s someone “already in the store” who is interested in what you have. … Take the trouble to explore this powerful, exciting, merchandising opportunity to showcase more of your products and services. …. It’s time for Lights – Camera – Action!

Here’s the URL that started all this fuss …. View Here

Video is cheap and effective for telling your story …. It’s interactive video that brings home more of the bacon.

WARNING …. If you don’t bother to explore the idea of embedded video within videos from a “How can I ” viewpoint. …. There’s good chance you could wake up to discover your competitor is telling his story so often and so well that he’s sucking your business dry.

See also “Using Twitter for Local Marketing” … More ..


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