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December 16, 2008

WHAT MAKES PEOPLE BUY? Are 27 contacts necessary to make the sale?

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The following was written by one Thomas Smith in London back in 1885:

1. The first time a man looks at an ad, he doesn’t see it.
2. The second time, he doesn’t notice it.
3. The third time, he is conscious of its existence.
4. The fourth time, he faintly remembers having seen it.
5. The fifth time, he reads the ad.
6. The sixth time, he turns up his nose at it.
7. The seventh time, he reads it through and says, “Oh brother!”
8. The eighth time, he says, “Here’s that confounded thing again!”
9. The ninth time, he wonders if it amounts to anything.
10. The tenth time, he will ask his neighbor if he has tried it.
11. The eleventh time, he wonders how the advertiser makes it pay.
12. The twelfth time, he thinks it must be a good thing.
13. The thirteenth time, he thinks it might be worth something.
14. The fourteenth time, he remembers that he wanted such a thing for a long time.
15. The fifteenth time, he is tantalized because he cannot afford to buy it.
16. The sixteenth time, he thinks he will buy it someday.
17. The seventeenth time, he makes a memorandum of it.
18. The eighteenth time, he swears at his poverty.
19. The nineteenth time, he counts his money carefully.
20. The twentieth time he sees the ad, he buys the article or instructs his wife to do so.

The sad fact:is; Most business’ are under the false impression that the sale is either made or lost the first time the visitor comes to their web site. Additionally they think if they are only selling one product there is no reason for repeat visitors because they have no additional products to sell.

Whenever someone expresses this faulted thinking to me — and, much to my chagrin many people have — I know immediately that I am talking to a some-one who desperately needs the basics of marketing 101 and who’s business is likely to shrivel rather than grow.

Often, your visitor intends to return for a closer look but gets sidetracked. A reminder is often appreciated.

Every seasoned marketer knows that very few people buy on first exposure. The key to making sales from advertising is REPETITION – REPETITION – REPETITION. The overwhelming majority of customers need to be exposed to an offer three or more times before actually making the purchase.

The amazing thing is that Thomas Long knew this way back in 1885. This is not a new concept. And the way people go through the buying process over a Century later is exactly the same. I’m constantly amazed how people running businesses in the new era still “don’t get it?” I suspect the answer is that they’re aware of technology but are scared to make the small stretch and learn how to use it to leverage their time, market their business and sell products.

If customers are not reminded about your business three or more times then you’ve poured your advertising dollars down the drain and are losing sales. Period. No one can argue against this point. Every marketing textbook in existence teaches you this early in the course.

But, don’t despair. It’s easy to expose your offer multiple times. Lasermail (sm) continually keeps your offer front and center with a single click.

There is no simpler more effective way to acquire and retain customers and increase overall revenue than to use a system for keeping in touch and contstantly building relationships.

The good news is that we have made it extremely affordable for small businesses to start benefiting immediately from the marketing power of Lasermail and no technical skills are required.

Take a moment, right now and find out if Towncrier’s Lasermail could turn your contacts into a money machine.

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