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December 6, 2008

Is Social Networking Just a Never Ending Ball of String?

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An acquaintance recently posed the question …. “Is Social Networking Just a Never Ending Ball of String?”

At first my reaction was “How sad that’s your perspective” but after a few seconds thought I had to agree that may be true.

Leaving the web aside for a moment …. The same can be said of our lives which often are an entwined tapestry of family, parents, in-laws, siblings, Co-workers, church, casual acquaintances, service clubs and casual contacts each of which make some contribution to the masterpiece of who we are.

In fact ….. We are the product of our environment which includes the people around us.

I’m glad that social networking is a never ending ball of string.

I can haul out this ball of string and quickly discover how to cook a chicken, chase down a malfunction on my car or bring a dead computer to life and this ball of string always delivers.

It helps my quest enormously if I have a few threads in the ball; Usually by publishing articles, coming to someone’s assistance when they send a cry for help or simply supporting them with a sincere “Well done” when the opportunity arises.

We may not use many of the threads in the ball but may selectively pull out the threads we need, combine them with other threads and create something incredibly powerful or breathtakingly beautiful.

Weave enough threads together and we have a hawser to haul a drilling rig into place or haul a stranded liner of a sand bar and save hundreds of lives.

Others may select different threads from the ball and create a breathtaking gown for a Hilton.

My dream is to use this ball to locate the needed threads for assembling the team necessary to broadcast the inaugural service for a new church. … (Answered a request for this a few years ago. I knew she had read my answer to her call but. I didn’t have the courtesy of a reply).

I’m glad that I’ve discovered this ball of string that we call “Social Networking”.     It has tremendous positive impact on my life.   Add your comment and tell us how this ball has worked for you.

My grateful thanks to Paula Quick for sparking this idea.


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  1. Dear Teddy:

    What a wonderful take on the “networking ball of string.”

    Your post was so eloquently written it almost left me speechless. I especially enjoyed reading your comments on this ball of string known as “life.”

    Yes, social networking has worked wonderfully for me. When I was growing up in Brooklyn I had pen pals (gee, I guess that’s a term that’s fading out with the Internet) in England, Japan and India. It was great to be able to correspond with someone from a different culture who seemed so very far away.

    The Internet, and Twitter in particular, can be likened to Adult Pen Pals, except there’s no pen involved – perhaps Adult Computer Pals is better stated.

    Oh I know there is the business component – we’ve gone from “Think and Grow Rich” to “Make New Friends and Make Money.” It’s the social part of social networking, though, part that keeps me coming back. It’s one the threads in the ball of string that I enjoy the most!

    Comment by Paula — December 6, 2008 @ 11:35 pm | Reply

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