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December 3, 2008

Five simple steps to creating your animated avatar or animated gif.

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Five simple steps to creating your own Animated Avatar.

This technique for creating animated avatars or animated gifs is so simple you won’t be needing the next door neighbor’s nephew and feeding him till he’s eaten you out of house and home.


1. Use your favourite video creator to create a clip of about 3 seconds long and save as a movie .   (I Usually use Windows MovieMaker and save as a .wmv).   Make a note of where you’ve saved the movie.

2.  Now head over to http://www.gifninja.com and select “Convert video to Gif” and left click.   GifNinja will convert wmv, asf, avi, mpg, mpeg, mov, 3gp, flv, and mp4 formats.

3.  Next: You’ll be asked for the name of the movie to be converted and you’ll use the browse feature to locate your saved masterpiece. Select when you’ve located it.

4.  Click the big green MAKE MY GIF button & have a cuppa while your masterpiece is being converted.

5.  Right click on the new animated delight and select “Save Image As”.   (Again; Remember where you have saved because Twitter will be asking you for this gem).

Now …. All you have to do is upload your masterpiece and Wow us with your creativity.   (Max size 700k).

Please don’t ask me to show you how to create an interactive movie in five easy steps.   My first stumbling steps. …. View Here.

You are required to add you comment in order to use these instructions or your turkey will be undercooked.

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