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December 1, 2008

Using Twitter for local marketing.

Even skilled and otherwise savvy Web Practitioners don’t “Get” Twitter for marketing and there’s currently a lively debate in another forum about the value of Twitter in local marketing.

Twitter is frequently viewed as another globespanning garden fence or water cooler whose only practical use if for comparing recipes and last night’s game.

Twitter is the world’s biggest Cafe where you can quickly find a table discussing exactly your interest whether it’s knitting winter coats for 3 legged poodles or childbirth under water.   … and .. Isn’t that exactly what you’re looking for?

So let’s look at what Twitter really can do for the merchant who wishes to market his business, locally.

The 1,000lb Gorilla is not in this room.   With Twitter; There aren’t any concerns about CanSpam compliance.   Or;   Someone who has forgotten they’ve subscribed and won’t click the unsubscribe link, call your Hosting Supplier and have him pull the plug on you.  Twitter is short, sweet and simple!

Where else can you insert your hot offer (Or other message). and instantly send it (Called a Tweet). to thousands of folks who have said they want to know more about you and then; Have a percentage of them forward it to a couple of thousand colleagues and associates in their FriendForce.  Just do the math.

That’s viral marketing on steroids supercharged with a couple of dozen Titan Rockets and it’s “Hands Off”.

You’ve probably heard of major intersections and shopping malls “Swarmed” from a single SMS messaging click. ….. Twitter reaches those who aren’t SMS enabled.    (If you’re thinking of “Swarming” a mall. …. Please don’t say you heard it here).

Now I fully understand that a hot offer on laundry detergent from Joe’s Value Mart in Toledo won’t have much appeal to a Twitter in Tokyo.     However;   Since Joe’s Twitter promotion is probably limited to current circulars. local ads, on his vehicles, cash register receipts and in his store. …. The Tokyo fella won’t even know Joe exists and certainly won’t be following Joe on Twitter.

For his Tweet;   Ideally; Joe should have a landing page that lists his other hot offers, recipes, tips etc and certainly a process for readers to tell all their friends about Joe’s Twitter and nudge them to follow Joe.   (Maybe even offer an incentive or coupon to nudge the process along).

Although a landing page with a video welcome, eye catching graphics and background music is very effective in engaging the reader and has a tremendous impact. ….. Joe doesn’t really need a landing page. … A few sizzling offers in his tweet is often enough to create buzz and bring in customers.

BLATANT PLUG … Turning one contact into 5 more is my specialty.  More …

There are currently thousands of Realtors and Financial Consultants who are now wishing they had employed some mechanism for nourishing relationships with clients.  Fielding panic calls and patching the patches in the dyke is not fun neither is it necessary where today’s cheap technology has been pro-actively used to build trust and confidence during the good times.

Twitter is another of those Great Democratizers that lets the little guy turn on a dime, take on the Goliaths and WIN.


If you see a nugget of possibility here but not sure how you can enroll these powerful yet simple weapons into your marketing army. …… I’d be glad to give you a no fee, no obligation, ten minute consultation. …. Contact me from the link below and let’s find a way for you to eat your competitors’ lunch, hang on to your market share and stop all customer migration dead in it’s tracks.

Special thanks to Lindy Asimus and Cheryl Cigan for their valuable input.

See also … “Would this marketing plan work for your store” … More ..

…. and we won’t bite you if you add your comment or Stumble.


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  1. Great article Teddy!

    Timely too. I have friends who own and run an historic and romantic bed and breakfast in Suttons Bay, Michigan, and we’ve been having many conversations about how they can benefit from Twitter on a local level as well. Their website address is http://www.kornerkottage.com

    Some of the questions we’ve covered so far include whether it would be inappropriate to do advertisements like…..Needed: Guests who are looking for more than the necessities in their bed and breakfast stay or the perfect Christmas gift for someone special…or Korner Kottage, where living the sweet life is the rule…

    And of course I’ve encouraged them to just become a part of the conversation and to develop a dialog.

    Teddy, I think your post will be good for many bricks-and-mortar businesses looking to generate additional traffic in sales, because you summed it up so well, it is not necessarily the person reading the “Tweet” who might have a need, but it is in the outlying ripple of that conversation circle where friends happen to say, “Hey, I heard about this great romantic bed and breakfast in northern Michigan……..”

    Thanks again for asking for my input. I appreciate the opportunity to be involved!

    Cheryl C. Cigan

    Comment by Cheryl C. Cigan — December 1, 2008 @ 5:14 pm | Reply

  2. Good post! Problem locally here is that I haven’t gotten twitter to catch on here yet. Working on a local blog, and go from there.

    Comment by Heidi Caswell — December 7, 2008 @ 12:59 am | Reply

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  5. Good article Teddy!

    I am playing with the concept of letting others publish articles on my blog, providing a linki back to their page of choice.

    You are welcome to gave it a try with some of your stuff if you like.


    Comment by Bob LaPlante — January 2, 2009 @ 3:28 pm | Reply

  6. These are all great ideas, Teddy. Right now the local retailers’ eyes are glazing over when it comes to Twitter. Pretty soon, however, Twtter will become de riguer and expected, just like having a website. It’s still new and still in the early adoptors phase. Which means the ones who get on the bus early will come out ahead!

    Comment by Paula — January 2, 2009 @ 3:43 pm | Reply

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  8. Great post, I’ve found Twitter quite usefull for marketing many different types of blogs. 90% of my traffic on Spotlight Blogger comes from Twitter.

    Comment by Spotlight Blogger — January 5, 2009 @ 4:31 pm | Reply

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