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October 12, 2008

He knew how to make lemonade and Princess Di came calling.

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Forget taking marketing 101 and instead; Google for “Honest Ed” + “Canada” and then read everything you can about him.

The lemon in Ed’s early life was;   He was a cash strapped immigrant in a strange land.  That didn’t stop him …. He (proverbially). turned the lemon into lemonade.

Ed’s store had the cleanest sidewalk on the block because in the old days; His wife used cleaning the sidewalk as an excuse for keeping an eye out for creditors….. He expanded this tiny store to encompass the whole block and turned the neighbouring streets into artisan galleries. … (AKA Mirvish Village).

Deep discount all the way ….. No high traffic locations with ample parking for Ed ….. He opened his restaurant in the freight yards ….. No parking, limited menu … Just beef + 2 veg served on all 3 floors of the warehouse and you had to line up to get in. Single selection for desert … Pie & ice cream.

He did the same with 2 more warehouses of 3 floors each. Again, beside the tracks (One served chicken only; The other fish only).

Even though he’s passed on ….. The store still gives away thousands of turkeys at Christmas …. How’s that for CRM Canadian style?

Enough from me ….. Do your own Google and you’re on the way to your very own world’s best, Phd in marketing.

About the subject line ….. Ed welcomed everyone from all walks of life; Stage, screen, sports, ambassadors and yes! …. Even royalty.

God Bless you Ed. … You were a blessing for Canada an inspiration to all Canadians.

First thing tomorrow …. I really must get someone to replace the “T” on the sign.

Honest Ed Mirvish store Bloor & bathurst, Toronto, Canada


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  1. This gave me a pause to reflect.

    Seems just about everywhere you can find an “Honest Ed’s” type business. Known locally for what it gives back as much as its fare. Might be an eatery, or a clothing store, hardware or repair center. Somewhere along the way, these proprietors learned that the business was just a vehicle that took them to what was important in life.

    Comment by Ken — October 12, 2008 @ 10:14 pm | Reply

  2. Hi Ken.

    Almost all native born Canucks know Honest Ed. (Great showman in addition to being an acclaimed philanthropist)

    If you get a call from Ed’s office that “They’re having a few friends over”. It means bring a juicy check book because he’s collecting for a charity and the movers n shakers will be there. ….. Ed was not a guy you would say “I’ll try” to.

    Keep this just between us but Ed was an American.



    Comment by teddytowncrier — October 12, 2008 @ 10:38 pm | Reply

  3. Great article Ted, just goes to show anything is possible with a little imagination and a lot of DO!


    Comment by Save Our Towns — March 1, 2010 @ 9:19 am | Reply

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