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October 7, 2008

Keeping your door always open.

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Recently in a Skype to Skype conversation with a colleague on the other side of the world;   We encountered too many dropped lines and had to switch to Yahoo to complete the conversation.    The parties may have had too many processes loaded and our equipment wasn’t coping too well.

Although I like to keep my business and personal door wide open and have several contact methods available in Towncrier’s Contact Portal. We use Skype Out as our main service for calls to land lines and am fairly well satisfied with the service even though experiencing a few challenges occasionally;    Especially on Skype to Skype calls with Australian colleagues.

Recently;   I had a particularly exasperating call when speaking with a client several hundred miles away in Canada where the line was dropped several times.

I later learned they were using a cordless telephone and it’s very likely that stray signals from a microwave or other device, were interfering with the call.

Previously I had been using an old stand-alone computer for communications and even though the machine was a P3 klunker with sparse memory; …. It performed well and I was well satisfied.

A couple of caveats when using your computer for important calls.

A. Try to keep other processes and bandwidth use to a minimum ….. Terminate Video, music, radio etc.

B. Ensure the other party is not using a cordless telephone.

C. Don’t wear your headset in a thunder storm.

My policy is to keep my door always open and one tool that works superbly well is our Contact Portal which facilitates instant contact from anywhere on earth.   Why and How Here


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