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July 30, 2008

Using Free Radio Advertising to build your brand.

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Ever wondered how you could use radio to reach millions, build you brand and get your telephone to ring?

Want to build yourself some fantastic FREE advertising on the Radio? Below you will find a report that I discovered that capitalizes on FREE Radio advertising!

Let’s start off in reality……. Yahoo, Google, MSN they all have a few things in common. Brand Recognition, Massive Traffic, and they do massive advertising.    Our dilemma was, how do I, from my home office get the same kinds of “benefit” as the big boys?

The knight on the white charger is Bob LaPlante to our rescue.

One of Bob’s favorite activities, and it takes a little time to set up, but no time at all to implement is Radio Advertising. That’s right, I said Radio! and it is FREE!   Millions of people a day listen to radio, every day either the traditional way, or streaming audio.   This plan gives an individual thousands of chances to advertise their website, gain free traffic and improve Brand recognition, all with a single activity that is FREE.

Read the ink off the paper from this report and with a bit of work you too will soon start hearing folks say “I heard you on the radio”.

See our report “Are 27 contacts really necessary to make the sale” in our reports archives Http://multies.filetap.com

Read the rest of this amazing strategy and discover how to get your share of free radio advertising   Click Here

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