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July 27, 2008

Women are Blogging their way to fame and fortune.

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In mid July-2008 about 1,000 women bloggers descended upon San Francisco for the annual BlogHer Conference which started in 2005.

Of the 36 million women who are in the blogosphere every week, (Source: BlogHer and Compass Partners 2007 study). many have blogged their way to fame and fortune.   Some with followers in the tens of thousands.   

Bloggers range from Allison Blass, whose personal blog at http://www.lemonade-life.com is about living with Type 1 diabetes to Heather Armstrong,’s www. dooce.com which is so successful that her husband quit his job to help her manage it full time.   Probably the most famous blogger being Adriana Huffington.

Women in blogging is a powerful force and here to stay.     Want to become famous?  Blogging could be the answer.

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