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July 23, 2008

How well do you nourish your contact list.

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“I live and die by my database”.

Think about this for a moment …….

If you lose your job today, how many people can you reach, and who would be helpful? Think harder about the names of those people. Have you talked with them lately in ANY form?

How do you stay connected to your network’s news? Do you watch the news stream on LinkedIn? Do you watch the updates on Facebook, Friendfeed, and other social networks? 20 minutes or less on these platforms often gives you some interesting pieces of information, and might sometimes prompt a message out to people in your network.

Some practices to consider:

* Spend 20 minutes a day observing your network. If someone is mostly offline and not a social network user, spend a few minutes sending out a few “checking in” emails to get a read on her world.

* Spend 10 minutes a day (I spend a bit more here) cultivating new relationships. This can be through participation on social networks, through reading new blogs and commenting, through, attending face-to-face events, or many other things. If you’re not growing your network, you’re stagnating.

* Use an organized contact management system, but also keep frequent backup copies of those system’s files in CSV or XLS form somewhere safe. (Meaning, don’t trust online platforms 100% with your data). I’m using BatchBook right now (disclosure: they gave me a complementary license for a review, but they’re still inexpensive, even if you pay).

* Never, never, never pound that list of names with dumb jokes, updates about your life (unless it’s something insanely profound), or other clutter. Try not to message everyone ever. Instead, segment information such that you talk to the people that matter to the topic at hand.

* Deliver two to three times as much value as you ask from your network. This keeps people eager to be helpful when the time comes that you need them.

* Never make a huge deal out of helping others in your network.

* It’s okay to say no (politely!) to requests for access through your network, should you be concerned about the intent of the person asking.

Read the rest of this fascinating article in Chris Brogan’s Blog


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