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July 21, 2008

I hope your your world sucks, too.

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22. Just remember — if the world didn’t suck, we would all fall off. ( An inspirational thought from Larry the Cable Guy ).

….and Is that really a bad thing when the idea is applied to your business?

More familiar terms may be PR, advertising, stickiness which all amount to getting people closer and more people to hear your story.

“Social Networking”, Twitter and “Blogging” are a couple of new developments that are catching on like the proverbial house on fire and have enabled many of us to expand our influence to tens of thousands of people who I didn’t know existed   and will work for you too.

Imagine ……. You’ve posted an idea in your blog or via a link in Twitter and have caught the eye of someone who has tens of thousands of subscribers or followers and this person proceeds to mention your post ….. Do you think this may elevate your profile in the community start a new relationship and ultimately do some business?

See “Are 27 contacts really necessary to make the sale” in Towncrier’s Reports series   Click Here

For more ideas and videos on using Twitter in your marketing army.  Click here

Credit for the idea for this article has to go to Ryze forum owner   Bob LaPlante.  and is now eternally enshrined in Towncrier’s Blog

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