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July 17, 2008

What fuel is in your mind tank and fuelling your life and business?

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Internationally acclaimed photographer Walter Paul Bebirian recently posted the above subject in an on-line forum.

Following is how I replied.

Thanks, Walter. …… I’ll answer the question in your subject rather than the body.

The only thought that percolates up is …… How can I? and then get on with assembling the resources to get there.

When I saw vids getting 5 million views and online radio attracting several million listeners ….. There was only one question ….. How can I.

It took a while to source reliable suppliers and learn how to implement processes but we got there. ( and now I’m wiped )

Permit me to share one discovery ….. When one has a definite major purpose and are committed and passionate about it …. undreamed of help and resources magically appear out of the woodwork.

Frequently …. My evening prayer is to ask for guidance in harnessing these incredibly powerful machines in His service and I know He has answered.

So; …. If you have a loony idea ….. Don’t let anyone steal your dream.

There’s only room for possibility thinking in my tank.”

We are the product of our environment and so is vital who and what we permit to impact us both internally and externally.

Here’s an audio nugget from Edgar A Guest ….. Click Here


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