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July 6, 2008

Is there room for maps in your marketing quiver?

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A map covered in brightly colored pins screams “There’s something going on here” and begs further exploration.

A fellow Twitter subscriber was assembling names and locations of Tweets and I never saw her say why and even though I mentioned using a map for a graphical display a couple of times, she didn’t appear to warm to the idea.

My thoughts are that a graphical display of neighbours with common interests and whose bio or video clip opens up under the pin, is a powerful relationship building tool.

Another use would be to display dealers, agents or branches at a glance with store details and perhaps even a Web Page under the pin.

I started tinkering with google maps after dinner on Saturday and the process kept me wide awake ’till 3AM. I had the project substantially in shape by noon on Sunday.

A profit centre for designers could easily be developed by using a map as a family tree and inserting slide shows or movies under the pins.

I’m beginning to become excited about the possibilities for maps.

Maps. The next great broadcaster View Here

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