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June 26, 2008

I won’t be coming back unless I’m rewarded.

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I’m not likely to return to your store unless there’s something in it for me!

Visitors will only return to your store ( AKA Web site or Blog ). if they can expect a reward of some kind.   So the monkey is on our back to provide a good reason for visitors to return.

Having fresh content and creating anticipation in subscribers is a must if we want them to return and it can be a royal pain to constantly source new content, get it formatted and then uploaded.

Towncrier recently discovered a few resources that provide fresh content every day and now I’m finished with spending my time crawling around the web seeking content.

So; Whether our income is from product sales or a PPC progamme ….. Returning visitors is our lifeblood.     Give ’em a reason to return and watch your income soar.

Several examples of Hot-Links to fresh content daily, are in the right column.

Now! … Where can I breathing lessons.


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