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June 21, 2008

Is this your idea of service?

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David Goldberg was hard nosed, hard a**ed chief estimator for a Canada wide Corporation.

What I liked about David was; I always knew exactly what his requirements were and could usually do the deal in 15 minutes.    I loved him to bits since he gave me lots of guidance at a time when I was just starting out.    He gave me my first purpose statement which we used for 25 years.

Soon after he recovered from his heart attack; He appeared at my door as a sales rep for another company. The roles were now reversed and he was now seeking my business ..    Of course I said “Yes! Just make sure the numbers work”. because I owed him a few.

A few weeks later I received an invitation to lunch with their VP of sales who soon revealed the reason for lunch.    They wanted to know how big the market for their products was, in our area.   My answer was the same as the one they’d just paid $12K for.

Another question during lunch was “Is there anything we can do to help you in your business”?   I needed equipment which would increase our business and their market penetration and asked them to buy it for me.    The board of directors said “No! but we will give you long terms on product purchases”.   I bought the equipment with their money.

They went on to “spot” supplies across the province for us and on one particularly tightly scheduled project had supplied the wrong product.    We needed it and couldn’t wait days for replacements.

Their President turned out on Sunday morning, rolled up his sleeves, rectified the mistake and made sure we had the right product.

That’s my idea of the word “Service”.      Can we hear yours?

Regrettably David passed on a short while later.


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