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May 14, 2008

What’s your collaboration strategy look like?

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Today I received a promotional piece praising a colleague’s 1 hour long, on-line video and it was presented as sharing a “discovery”.

I didn’t mind because the sender is very successful and I pay close attention to every comma in his pieces.

What did impress me was …..

A. Although not his product; He sent this piece to every subscriber on his list. (Hundreds of thousands).

B. Not only did he laud his colleagues’s video; He also emphasized several specific locations in the video he considered important and especially an item at the end. (Guarantees the whole thing will be watched).

The sender was validating and recommending his colleague’s product in a significant manner with a promo piece which at minimum; Took an hour to create. (This wasn’t a limp ‘Check this out’. mention). and at some time in the future I suppose the colleague will reciprocate.

I expect that the video’s producer had enjoyed the same courtesy from several other list owners, providing him with distribution to millions rather than his list only. (This is not spam since everyone on the lists is addressed by name, has previously given approval and unsubscribe link is provided).

Towncrier uses videos extensively and consider them vital for creating a solid foundation for building a relationship with visitors and even guiding visitors to a specific item or area of our sites.

For new visitors we’ll frequently use a ‘Pop-up’ video while at other times we’ll use a high visibility, “Click to play” graphic.

There’s 2 questions to ponder, today.

A. Could you envisage using video on your pages to pre-emphasize a couple of specific areas of your site?

B. How many of your colleagues are enlightened enough to understand the power of participating in a cross or collaborative promotion of some sort?

Creating videos, although fairly straight forward, is frequently perceived as an alchemist’s potion but worth the stretch and certainly well within the reach of most business’ no matter how tiny.

Let me know your thoughts; I’d be glad to assist you in any way I can. There’s a direct contact link on our site.


Teddy Towncrier. CPP     towncrierbroadcasting.com

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