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May 7, 2008

Put a wrapper on it?

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Put a wrapper on it?

This isn’t about safe sex. I’m talking about sharing discoveries.

Reading and posting in forums is like mining for diamonds; Sometimes we have to move a lot of muck to find the gem and I’ve found several beauties.

I learned to build my own telephone service from a subscriber in London UK who never posts but popped up out of the mists and I now enjoy world wide telephone for less than $10/Mth. (Yes! Land lines too).

What puzzles me is; Why subscribers would post a discovery, refer to the resource, give a total stranger a bunch of ‘eyeballs’ and not showcase themselves by wrapping their discovery in their own page and showcasing themselves.

Yeah! I know! We’re permitted a sig or two but having seen it once I don’t need to see it again. However; display your discovery on your own page and all sorts of goodies like audio & video can be tossed in. Add a “Tell a friend” process and get even more mileage. You can even stretch it a bit more with a “bookmark me” link.

It’s taken valuable time to bring us your discovery. Shouldn’t you get a bit more than a tired sig for your effort.

Put a wrapper on it and reward yourself.



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