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April 10, 2008

Using economical video to build relationships.

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A short movie clip welcoming visitors to your site is a important tool for building trusting relationships with them.

Just don’t overdo it and constantly hammer your visitors with your movie masterpieces. Include code in your video that welcomes visitors once only or if you wish to get really fancy; You can re-welcome them again at a later date.

The re-welcome can be used to mention new items of interest and point your visitor to a specific area of your site.

A short intro clip gives your visitor a better sense of who they’re dealing with and an important cornerstone in building the trust which is such a vital part of a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship.

A movie is just a story and it isn’t necessary to create an Oscar contender to be effective. We frequently use sequential pictures or graphics and overlay appropriate music and/or spoken content to create an enjoyable experience. Click the welcome graphic above right for an example of a quickie movie.

The final screen always includes a call to action with the appropriate URL displayed.

Using video makes a powerful statement in 2 important ways …

1. Using audio/video says you’re progressive and are immediately seen as ‘above the crowd’.

2. Your comments in the video enable you to guide visitors and make suggestions to areas they may find of interest.

On our home page we use 2 A/V processes. One to welcome visitors and the other thumbnails what we do and pre-emphasizes the subsequent content.

Take a look at our home page and see how Towncrier harnesses these strategies in our customer relationships. For Home page http://towncrierbroadcasting.com

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